Mild Acne and Scarring from Years of Acne, What Treatment Would Work Best to Improve my Skin?

I am a 20 year old Caucasian female, I have had acne for years and only recently with prescribed oral medication I found some relief from the frequency of my breakouts but I still have a lot of stubborn blackheads that won't go away. I have had no relief from scarring on my skin from past breakouts. The scars aren't deep but they are brown and discolor my skin and make my tone very uneven. I have been suggested laser scar removal and chemical peels but what type of treatment would work best?

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Ance and Acne Scars

It is most important to get the acne under control first with a combination of Retinoids or oral medications.  Bleaching creams and chemical peels can fix the brown and discolored skin.  The scars will probably need Fraxel laser to improve these marks and the pores as well.  Please consult a dermatologist with expertise in these lasers and scars.  Best, Dr. Green

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Acne Scars/Marks

It seems that alongside a proper topical and oral regimen, light and laser treatment would be appropriate for treatment of your acne scars and marks, as well as the active acne. It may be beneficial to do Fraxel or Fraxel dual depending on what the marks and scars look like. It then may also be beneficial to consider photodynamic therapy, red/blue light or isolaz depending on the type of acne to keep the active acne controlled. For blackheads it's also important you are using a retinol in your regimen. A dermatology provider with laser experience can help guide the best treatment for your skin.

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