Micropore Tape As Scar Treatment for Tummy Tuck?

I am 5 weeks post op and at my surgeon appointment today she said that I am doing fine with the micropore tape and recommends that I stay with that (instead of silicone sheets, mederma cream, massage or oils). She says to change it once a week, if I need/want to, otherwise leave it alone. I am scheduled to see her again in 5 more weeks (10 weeks post op). Is this standard, just using micropore tape? Does the scar heal well like this? I am olive-toned, so want to be very proactive.

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Micropore Tape As Scar Treatment for Tummy Tuck?

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Taping surgical scars is a gold standard way of helping or assisting scars to mature more efficiently.  No method is a guarantee because every patient heals scars differently based upon multiple factors, probably most importantly - genetics which we can't change.  Keep following your surgeon's recommendations.  Enjoy...RAS

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Paper tape works well for scar support

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Taping the scar for 6-8 weeks following surgery is a time-tested and reliable way to support good healing with nice scars. It may seem low-tech, but the results from any of the products you mention are not particularly impressive either, because scars tend to improve over time because of collagen remodeling without any treatment. So in order to know if a product works, you have to compare treatment on one half of the scar to an untreated "control" side. We did a small study like this several years ago with vitamin E on abdominoplasty scars, and both sides healed the same.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Micropore tape instead of Mederma for scar therapy and prevention

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One of the most important factors of any intervention and its effectiveness is the compliance with the therapy. Being a patient myself, I appreciate once or twice a day medications rather than every 4 hours; it is far more difficult to be consistent. Applying Mederma 4 times a day is difficult for the typical patient and I have found that most individuals stop. Furthermore its effectiveness is not necessarily reliable. While applying silicone gel sheeting may be the most effective method to prevent hypertrophic scarring, it may be associated with skin maceration and requires meticulous hygiene. I highly recommend tape because it is easy to apply once a week and has some support in the literature as a reasonable treatment option.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Micropore Tape as a scar treatment

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Works very well

Keep the tape on 24 hrs a day .takes several weeks to see results

Hilton Becker, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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Taping scars.

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Taping of scars is a simple way to decrease tension as the scar heals. For many patients this is an easy way to improve the overall look of a scar. Regardless, the best treatment for improvement of scarring is time.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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