Acne scars and texture on cheek needs fixing? (Photo)

I am nearly off Accutane and am looking for acne scar treatment in the near future. Just wanted ab assessment of what scars I have (icepick?) and what would be an effective treatment for the texture also. What %of inprovement would be expected? Thankyou.

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Clear acne assess scar types then treat with different methods.

Hard to give commitment with one picture, however it looks like a lot of what you have is pigmentation, yes, I can see some indented scars. I approach scar revision with multiple methods including Infini RF, lasers, PRP, surgical subscision and fillers. Video explains the best way to approach acne scar revision. All the best, Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. (Thanks Dr Weiner for the shout out. )

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Acne scar treatment

Dr. Davin Lim is in Australia and is an expert in treating acne scars. His approach is like mine and uses the Infini for the main treatment. Afterwards, fillers can be used as well as subcision. He like to use PRP as well.

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Now that you have finished your course of Accutane and it has been a year you are really ready for laser treatment.  A combination of fillers and lasers such as Bellafill and Restylane and eMatrix or Fraxel would be best for you.  Please consult an expert since it will be a  lengthy process and you need someone with experience.  Best, Dr. Green

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