Is There Any Medicine for Warts on Face & Other Parts of Body

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Warts or molloscum on the face and lasers or topical creams

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You need to see a board certified dermatologist to determine what your lesions truly are. If they are a true wart,  being caused by having the papilloma virus innoculated in the skin at one time, then evaluating underlying medical conditions would be important as well as treating the warts, as some people are less immune resistant against these lesions.  If they are a molluscum virus, you may have contracted in by skin-to-skin contact.  Facial treatment can create permanent scarring and long-term, if not permanent, coloration problems.  Some doctors have prescribed irritating creams to help the immune system get rid of warts.  Some may pare down the thickness prior to the application of medicine. Don't treat this yourself!

Lasers may cause recurrences around the warts or mollluscum. This is true as well for cryotherapy (freezing the lesions with liquid nitrogen). The warts can get bigger in diameter from these treatments.

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