Medication to Reduce Fluid Build Up After Plastic Surgery?

Is there any medication I can take to help reduce fluid build up after plastic surgery? Over the counter would be ideal.

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Fluid Retention After Surgery

One of the first things I tell patients about the post operative course is not to get on the scale. Surgery is a very stress inducing event for the body. Therefore, your body will produce significant amounts of stress hormones. The body is in the self preservation mode which means it wants to hold on to fluid and calories in order to survive. Thus you will hold the excess fluid given to you by the anesthesiologist until the body thinks it's out of danger. This is usually 2-3 weeks.

So don't force the issue. Doing so will only cause additional stress since the body will think it's losing the fluids necessary for life. Don't fight nature, it will only harm you in the end.

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