Macrocytic Anemia and Plastic Surgery

I have macrocytic anemia and wanted to know how safe it is to have plastic surgery (breast implants and PAL lipo)?

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Macrocytic anemia and surgery

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By itself, a mild anemia is not a reason not to do surgery of the type you have proposed..

It is of course important to find out why the anemia is present. This would be quite routine with an internal medicine doctor. They will also decide whether it is safe for you to have surgery based on what the cause of the anemia is.

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Macrocytic Anemia and Plastic Surgery

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You need to have seen and been cleared by your hematologist for surgery. The operating surgeon would also like to know what the cause of your issue is. But most plastic surgeons would want a letter from your doctor stating why you have this problem and if they feel it is safe to proceed with elective surgery.

Anemia and liposuction

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Your anemia should be worked up. But if it is chronic, you probably can undergo liposuction. The blood loss from standard tumescent liposuction is relatively minor.

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Anemia and Liposuction & Breast Augmentation or Enlargement with Implants

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As stated previously, your anticipated blood loss should be minimal. Some even feel that the physiology of a mild anemia provides conditions for ehanced blood flow albeit with lower oxygen carrying capacity. In any event, a hemoglobin of 10 or higher is considered reasonable to undergo a cosmetic procedure with modest amounts of liposuction. Obviously, if you are planning extensive liposuction, this does not apply.

Anemia and plastic surgery

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As Dr. Aldea has said, a thorough understanding of why you have macrocytic anemia is important. If your medical doctor thinks it is safe, I would proceed to breast augmentation because, properly performed, there is almost zero blood loss.

Liposuction has improved vastly in that regard with tumescent techniques but there is no way to control bleeding other than compression in liposuction so it is less predictable and therefore you might want to max out diet and exercise rather than having liposuction unless it is to a very small and specific area.

Macrocytic anemia and plastic surgery

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In general, very little blood is lost in Breast Augmentation but even with tumescent solution, more is lost with Liposuction.

But since Cosmetic Plastic surgery is NOT urgent or essential, as physicians, we need to understand WHY you are having Macrocytic Anemia (caused by lack of Vit. B complex in red cells), JUST HOW RISKY it would be to operate on you AND can this condition be reversed before the surgery (taking Vit. B supplements etc).

If such a work up is negative, you have not symptoms, are otherwise healthy and surgery is conducted in a way that minimizes blood losses, I would have no problem offering you these procedures.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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