Indented scarring or Pigmentation? (photo)

I had a pimple 3 months ago that was somewat big on my chin I ended up popping it when it became a head it almost fully flattened in a week but has left HIP so worried since my mouth area is scar free, Im confused if it is pigmentation that is giving it that illusion also when I slowly slide my finger over it I feel somewat a depression but when I look in the mirror at an angle I see no depression just a change of tone in the skin,the pic doesnt give it much justice on the size of it but an idea

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Pigmentation -- Clear + Brilliant/Fraxel, VIVA/Skinfinity/Intensif, Peels, Skin Care, Aerolase Microsecond Yag

I suggest a formal consultation, scars and pigmentation can be improved with lasers and skin care. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Pimple leading to depression or pigmented scar

It's hard to see in the photos and I probably need to see more clear photos or photos with overhead lighting with a flashlight. But in general depressed scars can be treated through a multi-layered approach which we have called the Acne Scar Vitalizer. Or for the pigmentation can be treated with lasering.

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