Laser Treatment on Dog Ear Incision After Mole Removal?

I have recently had two moles removed a month ago, one on my lower breast and one on my back. Each is about a half inch long and thick as a normal incision. The incision was closed with stitches that are underneath the skin and glue. It has been about a month and I've been massaging and applying scar cream every day at least three times a day for the past month, and they seem to have flattened a little, but are still a bit red and pink.

I went for a consultation with a dermatologist to see what they recommend about laser treatment, and they said that the laser would INCREASE healing time (in other words, instead of me having to wait for the scar to lighten and continue flattening, the laser will act as a catalyst, but it is unnecessary.)

I'm also confused because the doctor told me that my incision has "dog-ears" and the plastic surgeon who performed the incision said that the dog-eared incision was done on pupose so that the scars don't end up indented instead of flat. Now, I'm worried that these dog ears won't go away even though the doctor told me they would.

Is it a good idea to do the laser? I would be getting it done 2 weeks before the 2 month mark of my surgery. I had also consulted with another doctor, who told me to wait at least three months. Not sure what to, do please help. I also want breast implants, so really want this scar to flatten and fade before I have to stretch the skin.

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"Dog Ears" After Plastic Surgery

First of all I would go back to my plastic surgeon to let him/her evaluate how your scars are healing. The term "dogears" refers to triangular cones at the tips of an excision. If the dogears are not designed long enough or the angle at the tip is too wide you may end up with small pouches at either end. These would commonly be called residual "dogears". I think that is where the confusion in terminology has occurred for you. Lasers typically do not improve dogears very much but may improve scar outcome overall can usually be performed 6-8 weeks after surgery. If the dogears require surgical reexcision then this can be done at any time or you may choose to wait months or even up to one year before intervening, since scars remodel themselves for up to 24 months after surgery and your outcome may be very acceptable just by waiting. Good luck

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