Is Laser Treatment Advisable for my Old Brown Scars on my Legs?

I am Asian and I have these ligh to dark brown scars on both of my legs. I had them since I was little from chicken pox or from mosquito or ant bites. I guess my skin is super sentisitive that when a bug bite it, it swells and if I scratch it, it will easily get infected and thus leaving a scar. What treatment is best for these scars? Again they are old, brown, small (some are size of a quarter, penny, dime, nickel..hahha i have all the coins in my legs) scars. Please help!!

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Laser for dark scars


laser therapy is best for red scars. The problem with dark brown scars is that the laser can damage the melanocytes in the skin (pigment producing cells). Then the scars can develop uneven pigmentation. You might want to try spot treatment with hydroquinones which inhibit the pigment cells and help to lighten the scar.


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