Laser Treatment to Remove Acanthosis Nigricans Marks?

I have insulin resistance under control by my doctor and for that condition, I also have Acanthosis Nigricans. I would like to know, can I remove those marks with laser treatment? Thanks.

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Laser occasionally helpful

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I would try medical treatment first, of course, before the expense of laser. These would include something such asTri-Luma which has a retinoid in it ( tretinoin) which will thin the area down and hydroquinone which should address the pigmenation problem. A kerolytic such as Kerol emulsion or Carmol 40 might also be helpful to thin down the epidermis, the hallmark of AN.

Since you are diabetic, metformin migh also be used, if this fits in with your endocrinologists treatment.

There is some evidence in the dermatology literature that fish oil ( Omega 3 fatty acids) are of benefit and since they are pretty harmless I would recommend this.

As far as laser, there are reports what the long pulsed Alexandrite laser might be of use for Acanthosis Nigricans. This certainly would be worth a try if the other treatments fail. However, do not expect miracles. A good improvement should be your goal.

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