Kenalog Overdose for Scars - 40 Instead 10mg?

I have scar tissue yr after surgery near ear/jaw, 2 lumps each 1.2 cm2. My Dr took kenalog directly from vial (no dilution) and injected 0.25 mL total, 2 days ago. He first said 2.5 mg was injected, but I noticed this was Kenalog-40, not 10, and he realized the mistake & revised notes saying 10mg was injected. He gave no answer on what to do now (wait and see). Can saline be injected to dissolve the kenalog crystals or will this just spread it more? How likely is atrophy? Can I prevent it?

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Kenalog injections for scar tissue and scars

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Kenalog 10 mg/cc up to Kenalog 40 mg/cc can be used to treat scars.  If an excess amount was inject intralesionally, there shouldn't be a problem if it was a single dose.  I would discuss your scar with him and advise you to just continue conservative treatment for now. 

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