Can I use Bio oil on a scar, on my nose. Where I previously scraped a blackhead out?

I popped a blackhead on my nose a year ago. I squeezed the area for a couple of minutes and the next day it looked bruised and a scab was forming. The scab fell off and left me with a circular scar. The middle of the scar where the blackhead was, is my skin tone while around it, is like 3 shades darker. The skin is smooth and I haven't used any creams on it, because it's SLOWLY fading on its own. Can I use bio oil to speed up the process?

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​Using Bio-Oil on the previous pimple that is less left a scar.

Sounds like you have some hyperpigmentation and Bio-Oil could be your option but I would rather consider using lightening creams or topical treatments including kojic acid, azelaic acid, and retinol vitamin A analogues plus some chemical peels. If this doesn't work in a more subtle manner you can consider more aggressive means like CO2 laser resurfacing

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PIH from picking acne

This can be improved using Retin A and hydroquinone. Chemical peels also helps. Please see an acne specialist.

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