I Would Like to Have Multiple Procedures Performed. Is There a Way to Determine Which Should Go First or Perhaps Be Combined?

My concern is in whether or not combining procedures will affect my healing time or possibility of scarring or trauma during recovery, and if I get certain procedures done separately, how long should I wait between surgeries? The procedures I am interested in are Brazilian Butt Lift, labiaplasty, rhinoplasty, neck lift (and liposuction of the neck), and breast augmentation (and possibly a breast lift). Thank you so much for any guidance you can give me here!

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Multiple surgeries

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While combining some surgeries in one operative session is reasonable, I do not think that combining all these procedures is a good idea.  Usually it is best to start with the areas that bother you most.

Multiple procedures

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It is not wise to do too many procedures at the same time.  Each procedure adds to the anesthesia time and may enhance the possibility of complications.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recommends keeping surgical times less than 6 hours.  Discuss with your surgeon what procedures can be done prudently at one time.  Donald R. Nunn MD  Atlanta Plastic Surgeon.

Multiple surgery in a single session not advisable/ cirugia multiple es un sola sesion no es inteligente

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if you fullfill the whole requirements a.-any smoking,any aspirin, any antipregnant therapy,any anti asthma medicines b.- overweight no more than 16-18 lbs c.-any cardiologica,bleeding,big varicouse veins,any diabetes d.- preoperatory lab tests ok e.-surgical preparation at least 3 weeks before surgery ( ferrum ingestion orally and also, vit.k, we may realize together BBL,labioplasty,neck and lypo neck correction and after  at least 15 days of recovery time we may realize breasts lifting  augmentation  plus Rhyno, it is not sage to do it  at same time  because it is not a competition to risk , it is something to enjoy for to win .

no es sabio realizar cirugias multiples  en una sola persona, si llena los requisitos como no exceso de peso, no tabaco,preparacion preoperatoria desde 15 dias previos entonces se podria  realizar con seguridad BBL, labioplaastia, cuello y lipo de cuello y en un segundo tiempo la mastopexia de aumento con la nariz  saludos  cordiales

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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