Do any doctors do pro bono work?

I am 28 years old and been thinking about plastic surgery for a couple years now. My main problem area is my stomach and buttocks. After my youngest son called me fat, ive tried exercising.but nothing works. Also I dont have the funds to get the surgery. Does in doctor office do pro bono work. I'm in desperate need for a change,my self esteem is a low as it can get. Can anyone help. Thanks

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Free cosmetic surgery

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It is not likely that you will find free cosmetic surgery, but most major cities have Plastic Surgery training programs that run discount cosmetic clinics.  These clinics are supervised by professors, but the main set of hands will be those of a graduating trainee.  The benefits of this type of program are reduced costs and the knowledge that a team of university professors will be there to supervise and follow up.

Contact your local medical school or teaching hospital for information.

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