Total FX Laser or Dermabrasion? (photo)

I have a 3 month old scar over my right eyebrow due to a fall. A portion of the scar is raised (nearer the center of my forehead) while the rest of the scar is inlaid similar to a fairly deep wrinkle or cut. A cosmetic surgeon recommended Total FX ablative resurfacing be done at 4 months of healing time. However, a facial plastic surgeon said laser wouldn’t be as effective and recommended dermabrasion for the scar, but not until at least 6 months healing time. Confused on which way to go.

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CO2 laser -total FX is great way of improving scars, acne, deep wrinkles

I am plastic surgeon and have experience in both surgical dermabrasion, and also have Lumenis CO2 laser which have total FX function. They are both good. You have to be realistic, that scars never disappear, but get better and at times become almost invisible. I think total FX is a better choice, since it is more controlled. Dermabasion is operator dependent, and gives great results in right hands.

Panama City Plastic Surgeon
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Both treatment options are helpful

I am sorry to hear about your scar? Both treatment options are viable alternatives but I prefer using the laser to address this type of problem. Just as important however is the expertise of the person performing the procedure. Lasers were developed and advanced by dermatologists and so I would always recommend seeing a dermatologist with expertise in laser surgery if you are going to undergo such a procedure. Dermabrasion can also result in improvement but I find it to be a procedure with more downtime and risks in untrained hands. 

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
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