I Have Been Getting Large Deep Cyst Like Pimples That Erupt and Leaves Holes On My Face After Draining?

Help… I have been getting large deep cyst like pimples that erupt and leave an actual hole in my face after draining, it’s awful and at 39 years old it may be from my hormones I am being told? I was using clindamycin phosphate and benzoyl peroxide gel for nearly 4 months and it wasn’t working, I now I am on tretinoin cream and epiduo gel combo. Can anyone tell me anything about this combo and success or side effects? Thank you.

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Treatment of Cystic Acne

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While you are on a very good topical acne regiment, it sounds like you would benefit from oral medications such as antibiotics or accutane (isotretinoin).  Typically, larger, more cystic acne lesions improve only slightly, if at all, from topical treatments alone.  I recommend you follow up with your dermatologist and discuss oral treatment options.  It is better to treat the acne aggressively so as to avoid any permanent scarring. 

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Acne advice

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You are on a good "topical" (creams/gels) regimen but may benefit from oral options in addition to the tretinoin and Epiduo...


I would continue seeing your dermatologist to provide feedback on response so that he/she can make adjustments as needed... remember patience, it can take ~1-2 months for a change in treatment to start "kicking in", until then your acne is naturally going to have some ups and downs


hope this helped

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