Hardness Due to Quill SRS Reaction

5 weeks post op I have a hard lump in my cheek which goes under my jaw and behind my ear which puts a lot of pressure on my ear. Is this normal. I am told I am in the 5% of patients that experience adverse event from the suture line and this will disolve over time. It is on one side only and unsightly. I did experience more than the usual amount of swelling in this area and was drained on day 7 & 14. The second week only 1cc of old blood was removed. What should I expect?

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Barbed Suture Reaction

The SRS sutures are dissolving stitches which have barbs allowing the stitches to engage and lock in the tissues. Any reaction you may have to the sutures should go away when the suture dissolves. Dr. Peter Aldea

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