Largest Pores in the Entire Universe? (photo)

Please help I am in desperate need. I have extremely oily skin, which is why my pores get so large and I break out alot. Trust me I do take care of my skin but that's besides the point, it's just I have lots of scars and large pores. I hate it so much, every time I look in the mirror I want to rip my face off and I feel embarrassed going in public. I have done photofacials, TCA, 30% 50% 70% glycolic peels, Vi peel, laser genesis, microdermabrasion, & facials, WHAT CAN I DO THAT WILL WORK? HELP!

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Large pores and acne scars

Hi Hanna

It sounds like you are putting a significant effort into improving your skin.  First be sure that your acne is under control.  As you know further breakouts will only make your scarring worse.  Typically, a topical antibiotic / benzoyl peroxide combination morning and evening along with a retinoid at night.  You also probably need an oral antibiotic to control the cystic lesions.  Cetaphil oil control and oil control moisturizer are affordable products to help with the oil.  Neutogena makes an oil blotting cloth that is also very effective.


I have foung the best treatment for acne scars and large pores if a fractionated radiofrequency device called Sublative or E-Matirx by candela.  Four treatments are best for acne scars and probably will cost around $2000.00 for the 4 treatments.  You must commit to four treatments to see a difference.  Its the best device for your problem


Remember to get your acne under control first and see a board certified dermatologist in your area for recommendations.


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Don't forget about Accutane


Before you spend thousands on additional laser or cosmetic treatments, talk with your doctor about isotretinoin (Accutane is the original branded version).

It is a wonder drug and will clear your skin permanently for 80% of patients. 20% of

patients may need an additional course later on. But this drug (if you have no contra-indications) is your best chance at shrinking pores and preventing permanent scarring.

Best of all, insurance usually covers it and you are usually finished with the course after about a 6 month period.

Yes there is a risk of birth defects and mood changes (you should have two forms of birth control as well as  monthly bloodwork with your dermatologist) but most people only complain of dry chapped lips and an occasional nosebleed from the dry skin.

Find a local board-certified dermatologist at the American Academy of Dermatology website (search in your area code).

It is much easier to let insurance cover your acne on the front end, than to spend thousands on lasers, etc (which insurance will not cover!) on the back end.

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