How do I make sure a fingernail cut to my daughters check doesn't cause a scar?

This just happened Sunday night. I have put Antibotic cream on it but am afraid it may scar her check. She is 11years old and has had one small spot when she was very little that did leave a scar. The area is reddish and is scabbing already in part of it. I started using Mederma with SPF 30 on it last night and today. Should I use both Neosportin and Mederma together? I wonder if I should keep it covered too? It is on her check not to far back from her mouth. Please help!

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Laser resurfacing of scars on the cheeks

Indented scratch scars may have an inherent loss of the dermis, which may result in permanent scarring. Our office specializes in scar revision and we recommend laser resurfacing at a later point. 

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