Fine Horizontal Lines and Deep Wrinkles Across Forehead

I have fine horizonal lines that run across my entire forehead and deeper vertical wrinkles. Would a combination of laser treatments and fillers or botox treat the wrinkles. If not, what would work best to treat this type of wrinkles?

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Fine Horizontal Lines and Deep Wrinkles Across Forehead

There are many options to address wrinkles of the forehead. The first line of treatment is skin care which can improve mild to moderate wrinkling. The next step would be treatment with a botulinum toxin (Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) to weaken the muscles that cause the wrinkles. Failing that, you could use dermal fillers like Juvederm or Restylane. Finally, if all else fails a Brow lift is an excellent and long-lasting answer to stubborn forehead wrinkles. Resurfacing with a laser or dermabrasion can work, but only for finer lines. Best of Luck!

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Treatment of horizontal wrinkles across the forehead

In most cases the primary treatment for transverse wrinkles across the the forehead would be the use of Botox or Dysport, which would relax the hyperactive muscles of the forehead and relax the wrinkles.  Depending on the severity of the wrinkles other treatments such as skin resurfacing (laser or chemical peels), fillers (Restylane, Juvederm) or surgical procedures (forehead or brow lift) could be considered.

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Forehead wrinkles

The first and most economical treatment for your forehead wrinkles is Botox or Dysport. Repeated application can actually efface the wrinkles and preclude other treatments. Laser or chemical peels or fillers would then be considered if your forehead wrinkles are persistent. Good luck!

Thomas T. Le, MD
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All are good options

All the tools you describe are great options for the right condition.

Botox or Dysort are great for dynamic wrinkles(formed by muscle movement).

Fillers work more for static wrinkles (Formed by gravity and loss of elasticity of the skin or loss of volume).

Laser works for sun blemishes and superficial and deep layers of the skin depending which type of laser are used.

Hope that helped!

Good luck!

Forehead wrinkles

Without a photo or physical examination it is impossible to say from just your description. Botox works well on dynamic lines that are caused by muscle movement and are not too deep. Other types of lines may be helped by botox but require additional types of treatments. Adynamic lines which have nothing to do with muscle movement are not affected by botox and injecting them with botox would be a waste of money.

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Lines horizontal and vertical

Supernana, Would be helpful to see what you look like and know your age. If the vertical lines are from severe sun damage then laser would/should help. The horizontal lines are probably from movement of facial muscles and should be improved with botox or dysport. 

Jo Herzog, MD
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