Can Fat Grafts Be Used to Fix Over-Corrected Smartlipo Results?

About 6 months ago I had Smartlipo mpx to my face. The sagging fat on my jawline was corrected but left one side irregular and narrow. My question is can fat grafts be used to contour and widen my face to make it symmetrical again?

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Fat grafts can be used if the tissue is not too scarred.

Fat grafts can be used if there is a good place left in the skin to put the fat.  Over treatment with SmartLipo may leave some dermal scarring and make fat grafting more difficult.


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Fat grafting is one of the options to improve overcorrection from liposuction

Irregular contours or depressions after liposuction of any kind can often be improved. Fat grafting for larger defects may be the only option but has some limitations and risks that need to be discussed and understood. For smaller problems on the face, I will occassionally use a "filler" to improve facial shape in areas that have had to much fat removed. This is a safe and less invasive method to see if satisfying results are possible. After having the chance to see the potential improvement using a hyaluronic acid filler, fat grafting may then be considered with the hope of creating a more lasting result. Even fat grafting is often not permanent. One final comment - SmartLipo for the neck and submental fat can be very helpful in selected cases but it is rare that fat should be removed from the lower face, smile lines, cheeks, etc. As you age you may regret having this fat removed rather than skillfully repositioned.

Dr. Mosher

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Fat grafting after Smartlipo to the face

The simple answer is yes, fat grafting can be used to correct over-removal of fat following liposuction of any type.  Fat transfer to the face is an excellent treatment for facial rejuvenation and can certainly help correct defects associated with Smartlipo.  I am currently reviewing a textbook completely devoted to fat grafting to the face and body, and the experts in the field agree that it is a worth-while procedure.  Find a surgeon who does this regularly and you should do great.

Carey Nease, MD
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Facial fat grafting

Thanks for your question. Fat grafting may be a consideration for this problem, or depending upon the quality of your skin, a mini-facelift may be the better option. This could help tighten skin, lift the jowls, and achieve better symmetry for you. If you are wanting to avoid the facelift, then I'd ask your surgeon about starting off with a filler product first (such as Juvederm) to be sure that it will get you what you are wanting. Best wishes.

Paul J. Leahy, MD
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Fat grafts to face after aggressive lipo

  • you need expert evaluation
  • depending on exactly where the area of concern is will determine your therapy
  • fat grafting can be risky with regards to irregularity in its deposition
  • HA or other fillers might be more reliable
  • face lift might help
  • scaring below the skin plays a part in what can be accompllished

David J. Goodkind, MD
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Fat transfer to face after lipo

Fat transfer works very well to smooth irregularities in the face after Smartlipo. I love how the Smartlipo tightens the neck but I actually recomend for perfect results patients plan on a small amount of fat transfer back to the neck afterwards to restore that thin layer of fat under the neck skinthat makes the neck look perfectly natural again. Fat can be injected along the entire jawline again in small amounts with extra in front of and behind any residual jowl. I usually do this on most patients when I do a full face fat transfer and it creates a gorgeous youthful jawline.

James W. Goodnight, MD
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Fat grafting can be used to improve over-corrected Smartlipo MPX results

Fat grafts can be used to improve or correct areas in which SmartLipo MPX may have resulted in an irregularity or depression.  If the area is small, injectable fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane, Juvederm may also be considered.  However, your physician will need to assess the area for scarring and post operative swelling before determining if this is the best treatment in your individual case.

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
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Fat grafting can improve symmetry in one's face.

Fat grafting can improve symmetry in one's face. Regardless of the cause including an undesireable effect of liposuction fat implantation can remedy the problem.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist
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