Extreme Plastic Surgery: Procedures to Narrow Shoulders and Rib Cage?

What is the name of the procedure to make shoulders, ribs etc. narrower? I realize this is quite extreme, but I'm looking for information on procedures to make one's shoulders narrower.

My best efforts at researching this suggest vaguely that such procedures exist, but are not exactly common. I can't even find what they're supposed to be called.

Yes, I realize removal of bone and pain is involved. None of this is particularly a daunting issue.

PS - if there's a similar procedure to make ribcages narrower, which I do realize would be even more extreme, I'd be curious to know..

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Surgery to reduce rib cage or narrow shoulders

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These procedures are not commonly performed in the United States but may be carried out in foreign countries such as Brazil. I myself have attempted to research these and have found very little on the topic. There are well accepted procedures for conditions such as pectus excavatum or pectus carinatum. These are performed by a few plastic surgeons and occasionally thoracic surgeons. Rarely, orthopedic surgeons may perform corrective surgery on the shoulders but are unlikely to perform this for cosmetic purposes

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