Excision of Painful Keloids and Radiation After Breast Reduction?

I have found there is very little information how to deal with extremely painful keloids after breast reduction; some Dr's have indicated they aren't painful, mine are extremely painful.Suggestions of steroid injections, didnt work. I hve found that insurance usually does not cover excision of the scars due to it being considered cosmetic. However excision with radiation immediately following is supposed to be the most affective treatment. Please help as I am extremely uncomfortable daily.

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Treating breast reduction scars with laser

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Most cases of breast reduction do not require radiation.  Thick scars can be treated early with a combination of laser, pulsed dye laser, and surgical scar revision. 

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Irradiation of keloids

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Irradiation of the keloids works best when performed in conjunction with surgery; typically, the patient undergoes surgery followed by five sessions of radiotherapy within one week.  However, the therapeutic radiologists in my area now will not perform the procedure for keloids for fear of liability so the patients are deprived access to a treatment modality that actually can be of benefit.  The alternative is surgery followed by regular injection therapy---and I cannot emphasize the word regular enough.  Lack of patient compliance is a huge factor in the recurrence and regrowth of keloids.

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