Why do acne scars turn bright red after drinking alcohol? Can this be treated and will it fade over time?

I have acne scars all over my chest and shoulders, Ive had them for about a year andhave had laser treatmen on them 3 times with great success. They are faded and not really noticeable. However, After consuming alcohol they turn bright red and stay red over night, is there a way to prevent this from occurring?

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Acne scars and redness

Acne scars tend to be red or heal red in patients with type I or type II skin.  The redness is from vasodilation or flushing response.  This same flushing makes patients with Rosacea have more redness.  Avoidance of alcohol or spicy foods can lessen this facial redness.  If your scars appear more red after alcohol than avoidance might be an option.

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