Cystic Acne, is It Hormonal? when Will It Go Away? (photo)

I've had acne since college. 24 now, and 3 years ago developed cystic acne along jaw and neck. Had hormonal and PCOS levels checked twice, negative. was put on minocycline 7 months ago, seen a reduction however still get random flare ups, especially during my period. fixed my diet by eliminating most things and saw minimal change. will this go away? how can it be hormonal? now im stuck with multiple shallow pitted scars and hyper pigmentation marks. lots of blackheads, popping = cysts!

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Cystic Acne and Hormones

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In essence, all acne is hormonal.  Your hormones may be completely normal, but acne can be determined by the sensitivity of your oil glands and hair follicles to your hormones.  If you have been on Minocycline for 7 months with little success, you may be a prime candidate for Isotretinoin ( Accutane ), a trial of oral contraceptives, or Spironolactone.  Please see your Dermatologist for advice.

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