Treatments for Cystic Acne and Large Pores

I have cystic acne and very large pores. I use Tretinoin .0025% and that helps as I only get them occasionally, now. I've always had to stay on the Retin-A gel or else it starts all over again.

They hurt; they're big and very embarrassing for someone 61 years old. So much for growing out of teen acne. My face is so oily that I constantly have to blot it as it starts to feel like a thick oil slick if I don't. I have olive skin. I have one acne pit that is rather large due to an injection to the cyst.

When the cyst collapsed, it made a hole in my face which I still have 20 years later. I've been constantly at battle with all the oil and acne. I had a facial, and the esthetician said they were the biggest pores she had ever seen.

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Cystic acne

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Cystic acne is difficult to treat with topical retin a as that usually just helps for comedones (whiteheads and black heads) and also small inflammatory lesions. Systemic therapy is the most appropriate for cystic lesions. Examples of systemic therapy include oral antibiotics, Accutane, oral contraceptives, hormone therapies but given age and underlying conditions, these approaches need to be addressed by a dermatologist and decisions to treat with these are based on risks, safety, and personal underlying medical conditions.

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