Crow's Feet Options

What are the best anti-aging options for crow's feet?

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Crows Feet Options

First I would address the reason for crows-feet wrinkles. These type of wrinkles are often seen in patients that squint so first of all I would make sure that if you need visual correction then use glasses or contacts (if not sure, have your vision tested) and use sunglasses on bright days.  Do not smoke, use sunscreens and moisturizers.    Now for treatment options: Botox by a qualified injector is probably your best option.  For well established static wrinkle lines TCA peel, or fractional laser often helps and in extreme cases surgical procedures to reduce these also are helpful. Redundant skin may require a pinch blepharoplasty or temple/brow lift depending on your exam.  A qualified board certified aesthetic surgeon  will help you find the right treatment for you

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Best treatment for crow's feet is Botox

Botox is the best treatment for crow's feet.  If the lines are still evident, a thin filler can be used to soften the lines.  Laser treatments can also help.  Wear sun protection to prevent more collagen damage and  thinning by the sun.

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Best Treatment for Crow's Feet

Crow's Feet are a result of squinting and smiling.  The muscle around the eye corrugates the skin when it contracts.  Over the years, the wrinkle develops.

BOTOX weakens the muscle enough to prevent its contraction; the wrinkle softens and smoothens out.

BOTOX will last about three months, but can be repeated as many times as you like.

If the wrinkles are very deep,  laser resurfacing or chemical peel can be added to aid in the skin smoothening.

You may want to wear sunglasses on bright days to decrease your squinting, but don't stop smiling!

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Crows' feet = Botox (in most cases)

Botox would be my first go-to treatment for the management of crows' feet around the eyes.  That may take care of all the lines, or (in older skin) may soften them substantially and keep them from worsening.   Beyond that, there are topical treatments (peels, skin care products) that will help maintain your results, and lasers can also be used to smooth the skin around the eyes.

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Best Treatments for Smoothing Crows' Feet?

Regarding "What are the best anti-aging options for crow's feet?"

The skin along the sides of the eyes, the lateral canthal areas is thin without much underlying fat and is adherent to a circular (omega shaped) muscle which surrounds the eye - The Orbicularis Oculi muscle. Contractions of the segment of the Orbicularis muscle along the corners of the eyes creates folds and pleats, resembling Crows' feet or the tail of a peacock. Such contractions are seen with smiling and grimacing.

Everything has been attempted to correct Crows' feet from removing a pizza slice like triangle of the muscle during performance of a Facelift to several other treatments which do not bear repeating.

The BEST way to smooth Crows' feet is by the judicious placement of Botox in that segment of the Orbicularis Oculi muscle. The Botox weakens THAT small area of the muscle preventing it from pleating the overlying skin. IF the skin has already been irreversibly folded and has folds without smiling, a thin filler may be added to lift the folds AFTER the Botox effect was achieved. In some cases, further skin textural benefits may be obtained by Erbium laser sanding of the face including these areas.

Dr. Peter Aldea

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Botox, Cosmoderm, and Sunglasses; Maybe RevaleSkin

Botox would be the mainstay of treating this area. However, too many units of Botox or Dysport, or placement too medially leads to increased lines below the eyes due to compensatory muscle activation. Injections in this area are far less painful than one would think. You will also be bruise-free since the injections are done so superficially.

 Cosmoderm, a collagen based filler may be carefully placed in any of the lines which are left over. It is best to wait two weeks for this to be done. If you are having BOTOX and filler on the same day, the filler should go first. Some  physicians prefer a hyaluronic filler such as Juvederm, but this risks the dreaded blue blebs.

 Sunglasses should be worn to prevent these lines. Keep a pair in your car and (if you are female ) purse.

 RevaleSkin, Replenix or Teamine Eye Complex ( there are others) may help in this area too. I use a Retinoid but am afraid to recommend this to you since the Package Insert says to avoid around the eyes.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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Botox for Crow's Feet

The best option for crow's feet is Botox.  Surgical options have been explored but tend to be far less effective than Botox.

Stephen Prendiville, MD
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