When is the Correct Time to Have Axillary Breast Tissue Removed?

Hello, I have a significant amount of axillary breast tissue under both underarms. It's very unsightly and painful. Because this isn't that common, how do I find a doctor with experience? Also, I am currently in the process of losing weight (50 lbs). Should I wait until I am at my goal weight before I have this surgery? How does pregnancy play into this? Should this be done before or after a pregancy? Does it matter? Finally, is this possibly covered by insurance? Thank you!

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Breast reduction

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Any well trained plastic surgeon should be able to handle this problem. It does not require extra specialized training like craniofacial surgery. If you are in the process of losing weight it is best to wait until your weight loss has plateaued or stabilized before undergoing cosmetic surgery. That is because it is easier for your surgeon to plan surgery while you are at a baseline rather than when your body is constantly changing.

This would only be covered by health insurance if there was medical record documentation of office visits for and treatment of a skin condition such as rashes directly related to this fold of tissue.

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