How do I get rid of this acne mark? (photos)

It started off as a pimple. I popped it and it started bleeding and the redness got worse. the pimple is gone and now the scab is almost gone as well. how do I get rid of the redness?

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Post Inflammatory Erythema (PIE) & Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) Are Common & Temporary After Pimples

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First, I don't think it was such a great idea to have popped your pimple since the squeezing can break blood vessels underneath and result in all kinds of discolorations, most of which are thankfully temporary. So, the first kind is simply a bruise from crushing tiny blood vessels from the squeezing. And then there are two types of pigment problems that can follow the resolution of any acne spot. The first is a kind of redness to the spot, known post inflammatory erythema or PIE. A combination of the two seems to be what is shown in the photo.

And then there is the very common post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) blemishes that can hang around for up to 12 weeks or more until they fade, which is likely what you will experience over the next few weeks. A coverstick to camouflage the spot and patience are all that are generally needed. 

Redness and Acne Scar NYC and V-Beam Laser

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The redness should go away in time.  Be careful not to further irritate it.  In the meanwhile apply topical antibiotic to the area.  If the redness persists you can always do the V-Beam laser to remove it.  Best, Dr. Green

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