Collagen Inducing Creams?

I read today (3/6/13) on Mail Online where a study by the University of Reading (UK) was conducted on MatrixylT that showed promising results for collagen production. They also indicate a couple of products that were tested that gets these results. My question is: what is the difference between MatrixylT and Matrixyl 3000, et. al.? Turning 50 this year I've never used any kind of skin cream and now it shows, so I'd actually like to use something that might actually work! Thank you.

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Skin Care with Collagen Production

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There is more misinformation about products that supposedly improve the skin than any other single category. Several things will cause collagen production in the lab. However, translating them to something that works in real life is another thing. I have seen no repeatable studies controlled with biopsy of the effects of Matrixyl in producing collagen. Presently, the only proven practical product is tretinoin (Retin-A). It has to be used correctly, however, to get good collagen production. Many people try to use it combined with mineral oil, or in markedly reduced doses to try and reduce the initial reaction. This, however, does not work. The reaction is what tells you that you are getting results. You can also improve the effectiveness by combining it with other skin care products, if done correctly. The most effective methodology I have found is the ObagiĀ® Nu-Derm System. See and


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