Clinical Value in Non-Ablative Lasers for Acne Scars?

There's a lot of discussion on totally/partially ablative lasers right now and rarely mention of other options. (Great marketing on behalf of those who make the devices.) My acne scarring isn't necessarily depth but pigmentation remaining after depth has been improved. Also, skin texture around the scar is different than surrounding skin. I'm thinking breaking up the pigment would help more than "shaving" down depth. There's not much depth left, I think further ablation to remove depth is unrealistic, but I'm only offered ablative options like ProFractional. I'd really appreciate any insight.

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Non-ablative lasers for red acne scars

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The picture is somewhat blurry, but it seems to show redness caused by the trauma of the acne. If that's correct then pulsed dye lasers can help. We use pulsed dye lasers to get rid of red acne scars and q-switched lasers to remove dark or pigmented acne scars. Both can fade the residual pigment faster than the body can remove it on it's own.

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