Why Wait to Have Chin Implants After Bio-Alcamid Removal?

I had injected bio-alcamid a year ago in an attempt to project my chin. I wasn't happy with the results. Last week, I asked my surgeon for a chin augmentation but he recommended removing the bio-alcamid first and waiting for couple of months before augmenting my chin. I am wondering as to why wouldn't he remove the bio-alcamid and implant my chin in the same time?

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Treatment of bio alcamid in Los Angeles

In theory, bioalcamid can exist alongside a new chin implant.  However, the existence of bacteria colonization or a subacute inflammatory response is what is concerning to your plastic surgeon.  I would recommend removal of the bioalcamid as much as possible before undergoing chin augmentation in the same area. 

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Bio-alcamid and chin implant

Bio-alcamid can be colonized with bacteria. Placing a larger solid implant through this potentially contaminated field could perhaps cause an implant infection and/or extrusion. It may be wise to remove as much of the Bio-alcamid as possible prior to placinf the implant.

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