How to Speed Recovery from Callus Remover Used on Face?

I used a callus remover on my face last night and apparently gave myself a chemical burn. Is there anyway to speed the healing? I have a very red face that stings. I left the product on for 2 minutes. It contains: Purified water, dihydroxy propylene, surfactant, glcerol, pH adjuster, polymer solids. How long does something like this take to heal? I am so embarassed that I did this to myself. It looks like a severe sunburn. Advice?

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Callous remove on face

The best option would be to visit a dermatologist. You will most likely need to keep your face covered with a moist vaseline like compound such as aquaphor to allow it to heal. Must be kept clean. It is possible that the doctor might recommend other treatment such as a topical steroid and might even give you a steroid injection if you have a lot of swelling. If you have a history of fever blisters you should be given preventitive medication. 

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Treatment of Chemical Burn From Callus Remover Used on Face


You should visit a physician to evaluate and treat your skin.  Online advice without examining your injury would be irresponsible.  Keep the foot products on the feet in the future.  I hope that your face heals without any permanent problems.

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