Bumps showed up about 3 days ago, just wondering if anyone knows what it may be and if I should consult a doctor or not? (photo)

There is some pain and itching like a healing cut. Thank you ahead of time!

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From the picture...looks like

genital herpes...and since it's so localized, it's probably not the first time the virus has been in your skin...ought to see your doctor to decide whether it's worthwhile having some acyclovir or valtrex on hand to begin taking at the first hint of another outbreak

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Penile Bumps

This looks like Herpes Genitalis. It is in a healing phase, so there is not much to do about it now. 
If you have more than four outbreaks a year, then I would recommend suppressive therapy. This would mean  taking either Famvir or Valtrex continuously. Otherwise, your physician can give you a prescription of either of these, to take as soon as you feel an outbreak is imminent. 
Keep your eyes open for a herpes vaccine. FDA approval is pending. One of the vaccines can help both in prevention and recurrence. 

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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