I Have a Bump in the Corner of my Eye Between a Bridge on my Nose and Eye? (photo)

Hello a few months ago a bump developed between my eye and the birdge of my nose it seems to be slightly discolored, today its extremely colored because I went to a doctor and he put a needle in it to drain it, and only blood came out, no pus. So he recommended that I go to a dermatologist..it has me frightened. Please help and advise, what it may be..

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Sebaceous hyperplasia can be treated by cryotherapy or cauterization.

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It seems to be sebaceous hyperplasia, however, a dermatologist would be best suited to let you know whether you need a biopsy or otherwise. If indeed found to be a simple and benign condition like sebaceous hyperplasia, you have nothing to worry about, it responds well to treatment. 

It would be best to consult a dermatologist and put your mind at ease. 

Good luck!

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