Treatment for fine lines and sun spots. (photo)

I currently use Dr Goss Feuric+Retinol eye and skin brightening treatment. I moisturize with Elemis Pro-collagen Marine Cream and do weekly at-home Neutrogen microdermabrasion treatments. I am not seeing an improvement in my sun spots nor my deep eye creases. Are there any other treatments that may be more effective?

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Sun spots and lines around the eyes

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It appears by your picture you would be a good candidate for a series of treatments combining the latest in laser technology with injectables and at home skin care regimen.  During our consultation, I would suggest treatments like the Sublative Fractional RF laser combined with Botox, Dysport or Xeomin around the crow's feet (to freeze the muscle) and a filler such as Belotero or Juvederm to smooth the tear troughs.  Sometimes, patients prefer one treatment under the eyes like a TCA peel to smooth lines and wrinkles which also helps with dark circles under the eyes.  A series of full face photofacials would be of benefit to you as well as Alexandrite q-switched laser which could clean up any lingering sun damage or discoloration.Using sunscreen to protect your skin is a must as the eye area shows signs of aging first and the skin is very thin.  In addition, to help with the sun damage, I would also recommend at home products like "Lytera Skin Brightening Cream" by Skin Medica as well as their under eye cream "TNS Eye Repair".  Growth factors such as TNS Recovery Complex or TNS Essential Serum would complete the regimen at home.Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Sun Spots and Deep Eye Creases

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Dear BadMarie,You would be a great candidate for the Tr-EYE-Umph!  It will take care of all of your concerns!All the best,Dr. Michelle Yagoda

Michelle R. Yagoda, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Treatment for Line Lines & Brown Spots

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I can appreciate your concerns and address them with our patients daily.  We are having great success treating these described issues with the PicoSure Laser with the FOCUS lens array.  We normally recommend a series of 4 treatments spaced 1 month apart.  This treatment is non-ablative and has almost no downtime.  You will typically have a flushed complexion for 0-2 hours.  You can put on make-up immediately and go back to work.  After your initial visit & consult, a typical PicoFOCUS appointment takes less than 1 hour. The PicoFOCUS gently delivers bursts of energy deep in the dermis without causing harm to the overlying epidermis.  The pulses work to break up pigment and stimulates new collagen and elastin production.  Your body’s own healing process sweeps away older, damaged tissue and ramps up skin turnover.  We sometimes pair the PicoFOCUS with a Pelleve treatment for additional skin tightening. Over the counter products and devices do not have the strength or delivery systems comparable to what is available when used by a supervising physician.  We recommend finding an experienced physician in your area.  Treatment prices vary by market.

Laura Riehm, MD
Fort Worth Physician
5.0 out of 5 stars 2 reviews

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Dark Circles, Eyelid Wrinkles/Bags Treatment -- Restylane or Belotero with Cannulas, Clear+Brilliant, Eclipse Micropen, Viva

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A combination approach with lasers, fillers, skin care and microneedling/PRP for treatment of under eye wrinkles yields optimal results. I suggest you speak to your dermatologist for the best long term treatment options that are individualized to your own skin. Lasers such as Fraxel, microneedling/PRP and skin care can be used to lighten sun damage. It will require a number of combinations and long term sunprotection. I suggest you see an expert for an evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 207 reviews

Sun spots and deep creases.

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Skin care products like obaji and image lines are helpful, you may be able to use products with peptides and growth hormones. For deep creases neuromodulators like Botox family medications can help but they are injectable. Other solutions include use of energy. You can try IPL photofacials for sun spots as well as non ablative lasers like Icon Palomar for rejuvenation and wrinkles. More important than all this you need to see a "physician" who knows about cosmetics for individual evaluation.

Parham Gharagozlou, MD, FACP
Walnut Creek Physician

Treatment for Fine Lines and Sun Spots

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Unfortunately, there are no over the counter skin treatments that really work well to treat fine lines and sun spots. Treatment of spots requires vigorous attack of the pigment sell and the already present pigment. Treatment of the fine lines requires use of a strong retinol. Both these are prescriptive and should be added to basic skin care which is a good cleanser, a pH balancer, usually combined with an antioxidant, an exfoliant and a good zinc oxide sun block. Lasers and peels by themselves really do not treat the problem but may be helpful after initial treatment. I have tried almost every product available over the last 35 years and the only one that really works is the Obagi NewDerm System. Not only does it work, it does so 2-3 times better than any of the others, including those with the same basic ingredients, because of the way they are combined. See a skin care specialist with experience with the Obagi system.  

Robert T. Buchanan, MD
Highlands Plastic Surgeon

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