Brownish Spot On Scab After Tea Tree Oil?

Hello, I was using tea tree oil for about a week mostly diluted in water (5-7 drops) on my red spot after the scab fell off, and about a week of using it, I decided to use undiluted pure tea tree oil and I think the spot turned to brownish/reddish color.The spot was initially red after the scab fell off but slowly fading, and now it turned to brownish/reddish as I mentioned before.Will it go away after some time? It is on my face, therefore I would like it to go away asap. Thanks in advance.

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Skin discoloration and brown spots after tea tree oil

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If you have skin discoloration or scar discoloration, the best treatment would be to avoid the causative agent (in this case tea tree oil) and begin therapy with Melaquin PM, a skin lightener to even out the color.  

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