How much does mira smooth cost?

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Mirasmooth and miradry

miraSmooth and miraDry are synonymous- and they are exactly the same thing. Same machine, same software, same handpiece, same settings. The company, miramar labs, wanted to highlight the fact the their underarm sweating treatment, known as miraDry, also helped "smooth out" underarm hairs in some patients. So they gave it another name. It is kind of confusing, because they kept the original name too! And all the machines, marketing material, and websites still use miraDry.That said, the cost is either $3000 for the 2-treatment package. Or, $1950 for the first treatment, and $1000 for the second treatment if one is needed. In my experience, 60% of patients end up doing a second treatment. And this is because the results are cumulative. After the first session, expect 55-65% reduction in sweat and approx. 15-25% reduction in ODOR (yes, a bonus). After the second session, this goes up to 85%.  For more information about miraDry please visit the miraDry website or my office website, see BLOG. Be well!

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