Is It Possible to Blow out Cartilage Through Your Nose?

I had my nose stuffed for a week since I had the flue & yesterday when I blew my nose, something white that felt like cartilage came out of my nose covered in blood. My nose felt very clear & open on the side that this happened. But now every time i lay in bed it feels like my noise is running but inside my throat not out my nose. Is it possible that I blew to hard & caused a piece of my cartilage to come out? I never had any surgery or broken nose before this.

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Cartilage Extrusion from the Nose

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It is indeed possible for this to happen.  The most common cause is exposed septal cartilage from erosion of the lining tissue.  It is important that you be seen immediately.  The reason for this is cartilage does not have good blood supply and exposed cartilage tends to die leading to a septal perforation. There are also a number of serious medical conditions related to this that are important not to miss.

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