I had an Isotretinoin therapy 6 years ago now the pimples are appearing again, should I start it again by myself ?

I had the therapy for 6 months in 2010-11 then I stopped it without consulting with my doctor because of the inconvenience of travel to the main city. I lost the prescription and therapy records of that time. Can I start the therapy by myself on the basis of research or is it dangerous. I am a B. Pharm student so I have some basic knowledge too if that matter.

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Do not self treat with isotretinoin.

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You should absolutely not treat yourself with isotretinoin, whether you are a male or female.  You must consult a dermatologist who would decide if it is an appropriate treatment for you, discuss potential side effects, determine the correct dosage, and follow your progression.  

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Risks And Contraindications Of Isotretinoin Therapy

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Unlike many of the available over the counter medications for treatment of acne, isotretinoin actually does come with some real risks that should not be taken lightly, and of which each patient should be aware prior to starting the medication.  Firstly, some percentage of patients are actually allergic to isotretinoin or to vitamin A, and treatment in these patients would be contraindicated.  

Furthermore, it is absolutely essential that any patient who is pregnant, might be pregnant, or is planning on being pregnant not take isotretinoin, because of the significant risk of it inducing birth defects in the developing fetus.  Similarly, isotretinoin is absolutely contraindicated in any patient who is breastfeeding.  

Isotretinoin also has significant interactions with any tetracycline antibiotic or vitamin A based medications, or supplements, that the patient may be taking.   In summary, it is our strong recommendation that any patient contemplating beginning, or resuming, a course of isotretinoin obtain a formal consultation with a physician who is knowledgeable and experienced with this drug before beginning a course of therapy.

Peter Lee, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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