Auriderm on Dark Eye Circles

I'm a Mediterranean female and I have brown, dark circles all around my eye. I heard about Auriderm and I'm using it right now. Do you think it will fade my dark circles, or do I need a cosmetic procedure? Thank you for your reply.

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Periocular darkening

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You are correct in identifying ethnicity as a contributing factor in the appearance of dark circles around your eyes. Skin color is classified according to the Fitzpatrick system, which specifies I (very pale) to VI (African-American "blue black"). Mediterranean individuals have intermediate melanin (pigmentation), however everyone has greater pigmentation in certain anatomical areas, such as the eyelids, armpits, groin, etc. Furthermore, as we age, the periocular skin becomes thinner and more translucent. Thus we appreciate the "blue" color of the periocular veins and underlying orbital bone.

Cosmeceuticals, such as eye creams and Auriderm, which is a Vitamin K cream typically used for post-op eyelid lifts, do help. However you should be aware that all anti-aging techniques run a race with our intrinsic aging. Simple issues such as getting enough sleep, avoiding excessive salt, sun and maintaining health are low tech, relatively inexpensive considerations. Manage all these issues and document your progress with simple digital photos so you can assess your endpoints. When your current regimen is less satisfactory, consider Hyaluronic acid augmentation of this area. You'd be surprised how little is required and how long th effect can last. Good luck.

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