I physically caused nasolabial folds. Will these fade away? (Photo)

These two pictures were taken 3 months apart. For the past 3 months, I've been straining my facial muscles 6-7 hours a day. Basically, I would contract the muscles surrounding my nose in an attempt to make my nose look slightly smaller. I just noticed that this habit of mine has caused nasolabial folds to form. Will these fade away if I stop my habit? I'm 100% sure that these are not genetic and are a result of my habit. Also, I've never had an operation done before.

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Fillers and Sculptra for Nasolabial Folds

Nasolabial folds or wrinkles can be a normal part of aging. It may be they improve some if you stop straining, but most likely a combination approach is needed.  I recommend fillers for the folds themselves combined with sculptra to rebuild collagen. Please see a facial sculpting expert.  Best, Dr. Emer

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