Which is Safer for Asian Skin with Acne Scars, Laser or Peels?

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Lasers or Peels for Asian Skin

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The best treatment for your acne scars depends on the type of acne scars present on your skin.  Both lasers and peels can be effective methods of treating acne scars on Asian skin, but it depends what type of lasers and peels you are considering.  I tend to have the best results with fractional resurfacing laser treatments, which are safe for Asian skin types.  The Fractional CO2 and Fraxel laser can both produce a dramatic improvement in acne scars safely in Asian skin.  It is important to visit an experienced dermatologist for whatever treatment you choose to pursue, in order to ensure that you receive a safe and effective treatment for your skin type.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Improving asian skin with acne scars

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One of the most common complications seen from treating darker skin types is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This is an undesirable patchy darkening of the skin which may be temporary or permanent. Any technology used to treat acne scar comes with this risk. In the hands of an experienced dermatologist these risks can be minimized. Many types of treatment are available to treat acne scars and must be tailored to the individual, both skin coloring, type of acne scar and desired results must be considered.

Pamela Carr, MD
Sugar Land Dermatologic Surgeon

Both are safe

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It depends on the peel or which laser used, but most of all, it depends on the experience of the dermatologist with these modalities. The pre-treatment and post-treatment protocols and if you follow them closely are also critical to success.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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