Are Medical Spas Safe?

I've heard about medical spas doing botox, dermal fillers and laser treatmentst. Is it safe to visit a medical spa for these types of procedures?

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Medical spas are a new breed of practice due to the...

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Medical spas are a new breed of practice due to the explosion of anti-aging products and non-surgical procedures now available. Many of them have been opened and are run without the medical direction of a physician who has specialized in aesthetic medicine.

Because these non surgical procedures are often medical procedures utilizing lasers and prescription materials, they must be administered by physicians or other licensed professionals under the medical supervision of a physician. Hence, the question is, what is the level of medical direction, standard of care, and specific training of the individual providing the service?

Because of the current lack of regulations for medical spas, it puts more responsibility on the consumer or patient to vet the medical spa. Safety is directly related to expertise, training, and standards. A medical spa that meets these standards will be safer than one that does not.

Take the time to inquire specifically about the physician and staff. In my practice we love educating our patients and answering these type of questions. Any well credentialed office should be willing and happy to answer your questions as well.

For information in locating a provider you can check with the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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Medical spas

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IF it is a medical spa under the immediate supervision of a medical doctor (on premises) then, in all likelihood, it is quite safe. Unfortunately regulations differ by state and sometimes the supervising physician may be thousands of miles away an essetially quite removed from guiding treatment. Feel free to inquire if the physician is available at the time of treatment and if he/she performs the procedure or oversees treatment.

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