Which is Better for Anti-aging: Differin Cream or Avene' Diroseal?

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Retinoids are the best topical anti-aging medications

Everything else is less effective.  Diroseal is used for reducing redness in rosacea.

Retinoids stimulate epidermal cell turnover, induces new collagen deposition in the dermis, prevents degradation of collagen due to sun damage.

There are  definitely stronger retinoids than Differing, like Retin A and Tazorac for anti-aging.

Short Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Probably Differin

If you had expanded this choice, to include the other Retinoids: Tazarotene and Tretinoin, I would have chosen either of them, without question.

This is because they are Retinoids. Differin is not exactly a Retinoid. It is a designed drug which turns on the Retinoid receptor. It PROBABLY has strong anti-aging effects. However, this has not been determined convincingly yet: the FDA has approved the other two drugs as effective for anti-aging, but not Differin as yet.

Avene's Diroseal product, has a Retinyl aldehyde ingredient. While Diroseal is an excellent product, with a marvelous base, its Retinyl aldehyde is dead last (kinda like my horse in the Kentucky Derby today), in its list of ingredients. Thus, its anti-aging effect may be quite low. Also, Aldehydes must be converted in the skin to an acid form to have as much anti-aging effect.

Diroseal is a great product for soothing the skin, taking redness out, and the Retinyl aldehyde will cause some favorable thickening of the skin. However, if choosing between the two for an anti-aging effect, I would cast my lot with Differin.


Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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