Plastic Surgery - Traveling From Europe to US?

I live in Switzerland and am interested in Liposuction of abdomen and breast augmentation. The cost by board certified swiss plastic surgeons for both of these procedures are twice as expensive as what it is in the US. Is it advisable to do these procedures in the US where I dont live? I did all my college education in US so I am very familiar with US, but I am concerned about any post op care. What is your expert opinion based on your previous experience?

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Traveling for plastic surgery

You should NEVER travel for surgery to get it done cheaper some other place.  It is less convenient and more difficult to deal with a complication should it occur.

However, if you think your best surgeon is located far away, this may warrant travel to a distant location.

Offices familiar with patients gtraveling from afar will have suggestions on length of stay, accommodations, recovery times, etc.

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Travelling abroad for plastic surgery

With continued drops in the value of the US dollar for the forseeable future the longer you wait the cheaper surgery in the US becomes for you. Besides choosing a surgeon which can be very difficult when you travel overseas you have to make sure you have adequate time between arriving and surgery as well as between surgery and leaving for home. This of paramount importance for safety as well as for obtaining an optimal result. You will need to stay within reach of your chosen surgeon for at least 2 or 3 weeks after surgery. My foreign patients make a vacation trip out of it travelling around the state during the days between early postoperative visits. Make sure you include travel and accommodation (hotel and food) costs when you budget for the surgery. Doing part of the surgeon interview process on line should you help you as well. Communicate directly with a few surgeons rather than just visiting a website. You need to do your homework before arriving so that you can meet a few surgeons face to face right after arriving and make your final surgeon choice shortly after arriving.

For familiarity reasons you could try the area where you went to college especially if the university has a medical center with a department of Plastic Surgery.

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Liposuction and breast augmentation often done on out of town patients.


We operate on quite a few patients from other states and from abroad, but patients don't usually come to save money! It's perfectly fine if you are in good health and , if in fact you are a good candidate for these procedures.

We have a system in place for pre-operative communication, hotel, nurses, garments, etc. You should be in New York City for about 10 days.

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Foreign travel for plastic surgery

In general, if there are well-trained surgeons and adequate supportive facilities in your home region, it is better to have surgery at home since follow-up care and treatment of potential complications would be easier and possibly less expensive in the long run. If you do decide to travel, be sure you allow yourself enough time and money in case something goes awry, which it always can even in the best of hands. It is like doing elective surgery before an important event like a wedding or cruise.You don't want to plan it so close that a complication will ruin your wedding or vacation. Depending on the extent of liposuction, your surgery would require about two weeks. You might find that with the cost of travel and accommodations it is still less expensive to do it at home.

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Plastic Surgery in the US

Hi there-

Provided you choose a reputable, ethical, experienced surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, the remaining variable is TIME...

Responsible medical care would require an appropriate period of follow up, with visits to the office for examinations and review with the operating surgeon. For the procedures you list (and please understand that it is possible that after your consultation you and your surgeon decide other options may be better for you- changing this timeline), I would want you available and in town for at least 2-3 weeks after surgery.

It would also be important that you be able and willing to return periodically for the next 6 months to a year for further follow up and to address any concerns. These are not my personal stipulations- just the requirements of responsible surgical care.

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