What Are Advantages of Porex Implants to Correct Pectus Excavatum?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of porex implants (comparatively of silicone implants) to correct a middle pectus excavatum?

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Porox implants for chest contouring

Porox implants tend to be too stiff and unyielding to be comfortable when used to correct chest contour deformities. I prefer to use custom fabricated silicone implants which are made from molds created in the office. These implants are very soft and flexible and feel quite natural.

It is important to remember that the chest is actually a flexible cage whose movements are critically important for breathing. For this reason soft and supple implants fare much better than rigid ones in this application.

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Pectus excavatum

I like porex for facial implants. Some other surgeons do not like porex in that setting. For pectus excavatum I prefer custom made silicone implants which are much cheaper than custom made porex implants. The silicone can be placed via a smaller incision. The porex has to be cut into a jigsaw pattern and reassambled after insertion otherwise the skin incision would have to be much larger. Those are the main advantages and disadvantages. I prefer silicone implants that are textured and have multiple holes in them to get some of the incorporation properties of porex.

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