Will Acne Scars Caused by Retin A Eventually Fade?

I went to a dermatologist for the first time for something else, but when she noticed a few whiteheads on me, she recommended I use Retin A and gave me samples. I was told to use it and to check back in 2 weeks. Retin A left me with acne scars all over my cheeks. A year later they are still there. Will these Retin A acne scars ever fade naturally after a few years? If not, what can I do? Thank you for your help.

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Never Heard of This

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Sorry, but I have not heard of this happening with Retin A. I know that it can cause significant peeling in those who are not acclimated to it. However, I am stumped as to Retin A causing scarring.

I would suspect that you had acne at the same time as you were applying Retin A. I am also unclear what other dermatologic treatment you were having at the same time during this year. Certainly, if you were having such an untoward reaction to Retin A that it would eventuate in scarring, your dermatologist would have pulled you off of it.

A deep chemical peel, CO2 ablative laser treatment, and dermabrasion all remain the best treatment for acne scarring. Fraxel would have the best risk/benefit ratio.

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