Is Accutane Effective on Large Pimples Caused by Stress?

I am 25 and have had acne problems since age 11. I was recently prescribed Differin gel and Sulfacetamide Sodium Topical liquid which have helped clear up the smaller pimples I had on my forehead. However, no matter what I try (different birth control pills, proactive, etc.), I still get large pimples on my chin which I think are caused by hormones/stress. They take a long time to go away and sometimes cause small scars. Is Accutane effective for that type of acne?

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Accutane could not care less whether pimples due to stress or hormones

Accutane does not care about the source of acne, be it hormonal or stress. To this drug a cyst is a cyst.

The only type of acne which Accutane is not effective is comedonal acne, for which Accutane is not truly indicated.

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