Procedure to Remove Fat from Elbow Up?

I use weights but they are not doing the trick; from my elbow up I have fat hanging down and I want it removed. How do I get this done and what the approximate cost?

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Arm Fat

It all depends on how much skin you have hanging with the fat. If it is just fat that needs to be removed, then liposuction can be performed to remove the fat and recontour the arm.

Now if there is excess skin then liposuction would not get you the result that you want and performing an arm lift or brachioplasty would be the surgery you need. They are totally different procedures designed to aid different things.

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Procedure to remove fat from elbow up?

"from my elbow up I have fat hanging down and I want it removed"

Liposuction will remove fat - but NOT tighten skin. A Brachioplasty (arm lift) may be combined with "mild" liposuction and will tighten loose arm skin but will not remove all the fat and it is associated with a scar from the elbow to the arm pit.

You need to be aware that if you have a lot of fat, after it is removed by liposuction (or lost by a large weight loss) you may be left with hanging loose skin (IE Bat wing deformity) which would require a Brachioplasty for correction.

The procedure(s) applicable to you would depend on an examination and making sure that your goals match the capabilities of each procedure of arm rejuvenation.

Good Luck.

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